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#01 - The Bell of the Ball Report

General Summary

Jebediah(Jeb) Winthrope, Freya Holliend and Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu left Prosperity Bay to head towards Hamlet on Casia Main to have a conversation with Jeb's father, Lord Orion Winthrope about the fact that no one in Prosperity Bay was being paid.   They came across a farmer, Alfyn Weis who lost his cow to Jeb's so-called righthand man, Montgomery. In this discussion, they were jumped by some bandits and Harlin Wyllt who was somewhat playing along to keep himself out of trouble. The group defeated the bandits, adopted Harlin and Alfyn into their group, and headed towards the Winthrope Estate in Hamlet on Casia Main.   They all got themselves some new outfits, befitting a ball, from Quinlet, the tailor, and headed towards the ball. It was clear from the start that not only was Jeb's father not a fan of any of them, he was also even less impressed by his own son. The sound of a bell rang out, and a man they had not met before addressed the group: Rudyard of Banshaw Edge. He gave a speech about the future of Arrasgoth and the need to move forward with technology. He rang his bell once again and everyone but Jeb, Emrys, Freya, Harlin and Alfyn were frozen.  
“I have not had the pleasure of meeting all of you, I fear. Of course, I know some by name and some by face. There are doubters among you who do not wish to move the world forward, and I understand your confusion, but, it’s important that we all see things the same way. My way.”
  The bell rang once again and the group found themselves in a cave, facing large massess of black magic. Defeating them with somewhat ease, they were returned to the ball as if nothing had happened at all.
Report Date
08 Jul 2020
Primary Location


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