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Farward is an industrial mining town on the South East Coast of Arrasgoth, found to the South East of Eastband in the Achad Region. it is connected by small roads to a few settlements in this region and can be accessed by boats along the coast.   The town is built up with mining industry as it has access to precious minerals that can only be found along the Southern coast.


Farward is predominantly human in population, though there are other races that come to work and live due to its proximity to the coast. The town has a lot of ex-pirates who have tried to go straight and narrow here.


Farward is run as a gerontocracy and the current leader has been in place for ten years, an ex-pirate goliath who gave up his piracy ways twenty years ago. Most are happy under his leadership though some question how much of the profits he might be keeping for himself.

Industry & Trade

The main industry and trade of Farward is the mining of precious minerals and metals. They have a very generous mithril deposit under the sand that cannot be found in many other places, other than Cardnum. They also have a lot of specialised raw wood nearby that is highly sought after. The specialisation of these raw materials has meant they can ask for a lot of money to buy it out of their hands.


The infrastructure of Farward is focused on generating good mining equipment so they are able to get the best verions of the precious metals that are found buried under the sand and stone. This has meant that a lot of their profit goes into expanding and adapting their equipment to become more precise and delicate. Little money has gone into housing and other buildings comparatively.
Founding Date
939 BTU
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