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Reswin Region (Rez-Win)

The Reswin Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the North West of the continent. It is found as part of the mainland continent and is bordered by the sea to the North and the Hollowed Cliffs.


The Reswin Region is a slightly colder region compared to most of the other regions of Arrasgoth due to the mountain range that lines it on the Western side. The regions terrain is mostly grassland, snowy tundra and rocky plains, making it a mixed bag when it comes to settling, growing and hunting. It is accessible in most places but requires some manoeuvring to get to Skarvengar.


The ecosystem of the Reswin Region is difficult to pin to one area. The main aim of most of the creatures and people that live in the region is to survive, whether that's in the cold, harsh conditions of the snow or the barren plains of the rocks. Food is grown with hope and magic for the majority of the people.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Reswin Region is affected by the seasons as most areas in Arrasgoth are. The Winter season in this region is the harshest of any of the regions in Arrasgoth due to the heavy snowfall on the Northern end of the Hollowed Cliffs.

Localized Phenomena

The most important localised phenomena of the Reswin Region is the area known as Barren Moor which is currently inhabited by a large lizardfolk tribe. The area is completely devoid of living things that grow naturally so makes it a notoriously difficult place to live. The area finds itself divided between both the Wasten Region and the Wasten Region.


The Reswin Region is most known for its settlement of goliaths that live in the top of the mountain range, Skarvengar. It also was recently the point of origin of a poisoned water supply from the now abandoned city of Cardnum after it was infested with liquid mercury.


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