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Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol (Uh Cud-guh-vire-ee-ant Eye-gee-on-ul)

"When two opposing forces meet, sometimes the result can be something quite beautiful."
— Henrietta Graviata, The Historian
  Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol is the convergence of Arrasgoth's two oceans, the Arwach Ocean and the Tawelwch Sea. The meeting of such opposing forces makes this expanse of water unique and such a place has gained a magical importance.   Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol is found around the northern edge of the Isle of the Tranquil, feeding into the natural magic of the island itself. It shows a clear line between the two oceans, creating an expanse of multicoloured water that shifts with the rising and lowering of the two different tides.   Those that have explored the expanse and really studied it have noticed a strangeness about the waters. On one side of the line, the ocean is perfectly still, but on the other side of the line, the waters are exceptionally rough. The strangeness comes from the line itself as the rough waters seem to hit the line as if there is a glass border, never letting it touch the calmness on the other side. Boats, however, can pass through with ease and there's no physical barrier that can be found.   The magical importance of this expanse is difficult to discern. Whilst some druids of the coast have found that their powers are amplified by being near the line, others feel that it is nothing more than a powerful illusion formed by the mages of the Isle. However, there seems to be no inherent dangers in this expanse other than the quick change between rough and calm that can cause issues to boats.   Truthfully, the magic of the line seems to be from The Weave itself and is just a reminder of the chaotic nature of wielding magic, and what it can do. Very little is known about how this magic got into the water, or even how to remove it. No one has been physically affected by it, including the wildlife, rather they have adapted to it and many fish can be found darting over the line and back in play.   There is no official record of when this was first observed but it was believed to have been fully discovered when the Isle of the Tranquil began to be inhabited after the victory of the The Beacons of Hope over The Darkness.
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Jul 3, 2022 08:36

Nice! I need to ask this. How did you come up with the name? Was it just typing random letters in the keyboard :)

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Jul 3, 2022 09:09 by Nicole

Ahahaha it does seem that way but it's actually Welsh! It translates to Travel Trees!

Jul 3, 2022 09:29

I should have guessed! What other language has such strange words :D

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