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Rugged Highlands

The Rugged Highlands are a mountain range found to the North East of Arrasgoth. It is closest to Inham Farms and North Rock, with the Cryptic Caves inlaid near the Western end of the range. It can be accessed from most areas but the climb is steep and involves some skill to navigate.    The Rugged Highlands gets its name from the appearance of the mountains as there are many dips and cracks that give it a rugged appearance. They also hold a secret within as standing near the mountains near the Eastern side, you can head whispering through the cracks, almost as if someone is talking. It is believed that this is caused by the window from the Northern sea.    Many people have come up with their own ideas of how the whispering began or continues. Many believe that the whispering is actually a long forgotten mage, talking to himself as he goes made, stuck in a crack in the center of the mountain range. Some believe it is the mountains themselves talking to each each other.    A bandit group has set up camp within the caves of the mountains, using the whispering to hide their presence. No one is sure where their camp is within the mountain range, but have spotted them appearing from different edges, heading into settlements to loot and steal.
Mountain Range
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