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Skarvengar is a large city to the North of Arrasgoth, found behind the Bronze Slopes. The city is completely isolated in the mountains and trekking here is dangerous for most due to the high altitude and extreme winter conditions at all times of the year.   The city is known for having trained military groups but they do not send their troops to anywhere. They are very guarded and hostile to outsiders.


Skarvengar is entirely goliath in population and no other race lives there, other than one particular human who worked for many years to gain their respect to join his community, Kristoff 'Trustbringer' Bronzewater. The goliaths natural affinity for the cold makes it the best place for them to live. They are hostile to outsiders and unwilling to let visitors in without an extremely good reason.


Skarvengar is run as a kraterocracy amongst their population and their ruler is able to be challenged at any time by another of the city. However, they do not fight to the death as it is believe that is a waste of both life and fighting power. The winner is the first to stop the other from being able to fight any longer, normally due to exhaustion.


The extreme weather and conditions of Skarvengar makes the city difficult to get to in the first place. If an invader is able to get into the city, they would have to deal with the highly skilled fighters that live in the city.

Industry & Trade

Though the population of Skarvengar are extremely hostile to those outside of their city, there are a few groups that venture out to earn money for the city by being paid as mercenaries. They mostly work for Shimmering Grotto but have been known to occasionally work for Arrasgothian nobility in extreme circumstances.


The infrastructure of Skarvengar is focused on development and training of fighters. Their city is designed to use the environment and space to its maximum potential for training and living. They focus on survival as their top priority.

Natural Resources

Skarvengar has access to natural water from the snow that is constantly formed on top of the mountain. Food is hard to come by so they venture to Thornwood Falls to collect fish and other animals as a source of sustenance.  
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