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Ofral Region (Off-Rule)

The Ofral Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the South West of the continent. It is found as part of the mainland continent and is bordered by the sea to the South and the Hollowed Cliffs to the West. The Ofral Region is largely inhabited by those that prefer a warmer climate and wet conditions due to the nature of the jungle nearby.


The Ofral Region is a wet, hot region, with a large jungle hot spot that was created due to the influence of one of The Ancient Dragons making their lair there over 1000 years ago. There is a large majority of jungle-type fauna and flora that grows here, specifically in Jungle Hollow.   The region's terrain is mostly marshland and jungle rainforest with a large river running along the Western edge near the Hollowed Cliffs. It is easily accessible by all except for Coldwich which requires a boat to visit.


The ecosystem of the Ofral Region is focused around the wet heat that the jungle hotspot has created. There is a large freshwater river that runs through the region that is heated by the rainforest. The food tends to be a little less easy to come by but fruits and berries grow plentifully in the jungle, half of which are edible.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Ofral Region is affected by the seasons as most areas are in Arrasgoth, though they do not feel the Winter season as harshly as other areas due to the nearby jungle biome. The river always seem to run hot, even in the winter.

Localized Phenomena

The most important localised phenomena of the Ofral Region is the large area known as Jungle Hollow as this area was created by the presence of one of the Ancient Dragons. The jungle is almost always in a hot temperature and will have torrential floods of rain.


The Ofral Region is most known historically as being the home of a dragon over a thousand years ago. Other than that, very little has happened in the area to warrant historical recording.
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