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Rycup is a hamlet to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the East of Cardnum. It is found on the main road that leads between Cardnum and Hamlet on Casia Main.   The hamlet is known for the raising of elephants and the curating of the ivory trade. Rycup is somewhat of semi-nomadic hamlet, with the majority roaming the large open spaces with the elephant herds and keeping them nearby. There are many issues here now with the elephants due to the poisoning of Cardnum and many die within a few years.


Rycup has a predominantly dwarven population due to its close proximity to Cardnum. These dwarves chose to work outside rather than in the mines, but most of their family will have come from Cardnum originally or had lived there.


Rycup is a municipal hamlet and has a small council of four elders that run everything for their settlement. There is very rarely any concern with how the council are running the hamlet from the general populace.

Industry & Trade

Rycup trades in ivory harvested from elephant tusks. Originally there had been some concern over how the ivory was being harvested, but with the new implementation of magic to replace the tusks on the elephants, there is no more harm or concern over the welfare of the animals. Only druids are now allowed to tend to the elephants due to the outlawing of arcane magic.


The infrastructure of Rycup is focused on the rearing of elephants and the trade of their ivory. Their entire hamlet is built with a large area for the elephants to roam around in. The elephants are the main focal point of this place.

Natural Resources

Rycup is on a main road so has easy access to any resources they need. They have plenty of open space for further development and care of the animals. They are not far from Thornwood Falls so have access to fresh water.  
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Founding Date
714 BTU
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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