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Coldwich is an average sized town found to the furthest Southern point of the mainland of Arrasgoth, found to the South West of Port Simcreek. It is predominantly visited by boats as there is no main road that connects it to any other place due to being cut off by Mount Vahdelets.


Coldwich is predominantly goliath in population though there are a handful of other races that come for a short time to work or rest in the town. They appear to be quite standoffish and speak little to no common apart from the family that run the tavern.


Coldwich is run as a kraterocracy and currently has a goliath leader in place but no one has seen him for two years to be able to challenge him. No one has yet to best him in combat within the town so he has been in charge for ten years.

Industry & Trade

Coldwich trades in beats claws and teeth to other places in Arrasgoth, and normally gain a lot of profit from selling to pirates from Peregrine Bay. Very little tourists visit them so this is their only source of income. They are not concerned too much with money though the tavern has been making considerably more money recently with the influx of pirates from Prosperity Bay.


The infrastructure of Coldwich is focused on the collection of beast claws and teeth for use in potions, jewellery and armour. The goliaths themselves do not turn the parts into anything but ship it off for trade elsewhere. They are also well known for dealing with the beasts that wander down from the mountain range and those that venture from the sea.


Coldwich had very little input into the war itself but became more popular once it was heard that one of the infamous pirates from Dead on the Water had settled there for a few years with the goliath tavern owner at the time, over 950 years ago. As that increased tourism, the goliaths started to branch out more and headed into the wider world rather than relying only on their home base of Skarvengar.

Natural Resources

Coldwich is always cold and sits at the base of a mountain so has plenty of access to fresh drinking water. It also has access to the sea for fishing and a forest nearby for hunting meat.  
Coldwich AI Generation by MidJourney
Founding Date
580 BTU
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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