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Tander is a small town to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Hamlet on Casia Main. The town can be found between the major road of Hamlet on Casia Main and Prosperity Bay, and another minor road of the Ofral Region  The small town is known for its intricate embroidery and textiles work. They create art for homes of all ages, races, wealth and classes.


Tander has a mixed race population with no particular race being more dominant. Most of the population are working class but there is a small handful of upper class with wealth that also contribute to the running and working of the town.  


Tander is run as a democracy and a new leader is chosen every five years amongst the town. The previous leader does not have the opportunity to become leader again unless there is no suitable candidate that can take the role. They are friendly to outsiders but can seem strange to others due to their extreme passion for artistic endeavours.   

Industry & Trade

Tander trades in embroidery and textiles they have made themselves, as well as custom embroidery on other items not made by them. They generate a lot of income from their custom orders over what they produce themselves. However, the need for flags and blazons for each town crest has gained them more income in recent months.  


The infrastructure of Tander is predominantly focused on the creation and distribution of their embroidery work. They often work on flags so their entire town is decorated in embroidered work that the town has created.   

Natural Resources

Tander is between two roads, one main and one minor, so has easy access to places with resources for them to use and grow. The town is not far from Casia Forest so can get access to wood and hunting. They have a communal well in the middle of the town for fresh water.   
Founding Date
840 BTU
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