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Vora (vor-uh)

"When you find yourself with enchanted trees to protect and a bunch of dragonborn with very little to do, you end up with a place like Vora."
  Vora is a small jungle town in Jungle Hollow, on the west side of the hot river that runs from it. There are no main roads to reach it and anyone who wishes to visit must pass through Jungle Hollow or travel down the river from the Hollowed Cliffs.   The tiny tribal town was originally hidden in Jungle Hollow but after the magic that had been leaking out from the Ledrith Teithio there had been fixed, the settlement grew until it was eventually found by Origin Winthrope alongside her discovery of the original grove of the Coed Teithio.   Vora is a settlement of hunters and druids that are part of the Circle of Trees that protect and look after the Coed Teithio. The settlement runs self-sufficiently with what is found in the jungle nearby and is a relatively isolated settlement.


Vora has a mixed demographic, but is predominantly made up of green and blue dragonborn, some of which are a mixture of the two colours. The rest of the population are an eclectic mix of races that are part of the Circle of Trees.   Many of the dragonborn that live in the town have lived there longer than should be possible for a dragonborn, but no one has asked or questioned them about it.


Vora is run as a kraterocracy amongst the dragonborn that live there. They choose their leader after a fight between the current and the challenger, and whoever wins becomes the leader. The Circle of Trees druids do not get involved with the challenge for leadership and let the dragonborns fight amongst themselves.


Vora has two main infrastructures within the settlement. The first is that of survival, much like the dragonborn tribes that live in the Vivid Marsh. They make the best of what they have and make sure that everyone is fed, has shelter and some form of entertainment and protection. They have no real want to deal with any other people or settlements, so they have not progressed further than tents and make-shift dens.   The second infrastructure focuses on the protection and guardianship of the Coed Teithio that the Circle of Trees are in charge of. A lot of their more intricate builds are focused on the maintenance of the original grove of these awakened trees.
Founding Date
234 ATU
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