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Circle of Trees

"The problem with a natural phenomenon is that you never know what might happen next. That's why we are needed for the trees."
Lady Origin Winthrope
  The Circle of Trees is a druidic circle whose sole purpose is to look after and protect the Coed Teithio that are found in Jungle Hollow and one in every major settlement across Arrasgoth. The druids stay with the large original grove of trees but one from the Circle is sent each month to live in the settlements where the lone trees are found.   The Circle of Trees was first formed when it was discovered that the magic that had leaked out from the Ledrith Teithio had caused some issues with the nature surrounding it. The trees had started to appear more animated than the average tree, slightly larger and the trees had taken on a dragon scale like appearance on the bark.   The druid that discovered the trees, Origin Winthrope, merely stumbled upon it when finding herself lost with her husband in Jungle Hollow. Deeming it important, she set up the Circle with friends she had previously had from Barren Moor before leaving it in their capable hands.   The Circle of Trees believe that all the trees should be protected, and so they send one of their own each month to tend to each tree not in the grove. Whilst some of the druids deem this as a chore, most understand that it is a honour to stand alone and be the only one protecting the tree from harm. There is no specific tree for any specific druid and they share them all collectively as they believe the trees are the ones that are giving them purpose rather than the other way around. Though they do not have any official celebrations, they treat every day as a commemoration of the special nature of the trees.   The Circle of Trees is the gatekeeping force that allow others to travel through the plants to get to the major settlements and back. When travelling through the trees, the person always returns to the original grove in Jungle Hollow. The druids have the right and power to ban someone from entering if they deem them to be a concern for the tree. The trees, with their limited sentience, can also bar someone from passing through if they desire it.   The druids protect the trees using the natural magic they possess. Their grove is near their home settlement of Vora, which they share with the blue and green dragonborn who founded it. The dragonborn here help defend the trees should the situation arise but mostly leave the druids to defend it with their high level natural magic.

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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
6 Jul, 2022 15:41

Interesting! I am also thinking about a druid circle looking after an ancient tree, but with a twist. I think they will masquerade as something else. Very nice article. I'll bookmark it to give me inspiration. :D

6 Jul, 2022 18:14

Glad it's given you inspiration! We love some good ancient trees!