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Umorian, the Gifted (you-MORE-ee-un)

"They all seem to be aware of the Voiceless Hag, but no one ever stays long enough to try her honey biscuits."
— Unknown Source
  Umorian, the Gifted is one of the members of The Ancient Dragons. She was cursed to be stuck in the humanoid form of a hag after The War of the Skies  and was ripped out of time like her other dragons. She was in a romantic partnership with Breodus, the Kind and their Ledrith Teithio were the only ones who were paired across the whole network.   When she returned from being taken out of time, she was found by a hag cove in Blossoming Sands and was turned mute by the other members. She was unable to tell anyone who she truly was. She also had no idea what had happened to the egg she had made with Breodus. She was freed from being mute by The Beacons of Hope but has yet to get out of her hag form.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Umorian was one of the younger members of the Ancient Dragons, fourth youngest in the group. Despite her young nature, Umorian was a quiet, reserved character but had unmatchable gifts when it came to her magical prowess. What she lacked in age, she made up for in pure raw potential. She would spend many hours in the forest, learning from nature and channelling her magic to change the environment around her. She preferred to be amongst nature and this was one of the reasons she fell for Breodus.   Umorian fell in love with Breodus after watching him with nature and creatures, and how much he cared for them. They were insperable as they grew and created an egg together, with the aim to hatch it in Jungle Hollow together and raise their child. This egg was created during the war. She had been near her Ledrith Teithio and had tried to hide as a hag to be able to protect the egg later down the line. Unfortunately, she was still ripped out of time and the egg was found by a black dragonborn tribe many years later.   Umorian returned 1000 years later, stuck in hag form and taken in by a coven of hags in Blossoming Sands. She was forced to become mute with a spell as she did not want to steal or hurt people who came to the hags. She was eventually freed from her mute nature by The Beacons of Hope when they realised that she was not fighting them like the other hags. She showed them her true form and what had happened, but explained she had no way of fixing what had been done to her mirror because it was paired with Breodus. She asked them to find him and perhaps he could help her fix it.


Breodus, the Kind

spouse (Vital)

Towards Umorian, the Gifted



Umorian, the Gifted

spouse (Vital)

Towards Breodus, the Kind



Current Location
Date of Birth
14th of Hivamili
Year of Birth
932 BTU 1934 Years old
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements

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