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"Dragons are a myth and a legend. Until the The Beacons of Hope got involved, I would have thought of them as old tales to scare children."
— two elves having a conversation in Prosperity Bay
  Dragons are a species of reptile that were created by Dutdur, God of Knowledge at the beginning of the creation of Arrasgoth. They were created to be extremely knowledgeable beings to roam the land and to populate it. They are creatures made of magic and might, large creatures that were once seen flying the skies of the continent but were pulled out of time during The War Of The Skies.    Dragons only truly exist from The Ancient Dragons as they were the first group of dragons to be created and all other dragons follow on from them, though there is only one known dragon that wasn't part of the original group, Narsa, who can be found in the Vivid Marsh amongst the black dragonborn tribe of Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu.

Basic Information


Dragons are large, winged reptiles that are known and feared for their ancient lineage and powerful presence of magic and might. They come in a variety of different colours of scales that cover the entirety of their bodies. They are physically strong, fast and can withstand a lot of things for their size. They have the ability to fly at speed and can land with grace or punch, depending on what they feel. Dragons have clawed arms and feet which have the ability to not only crush strong things but also carefully manage delicate things.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons reproduce similar to many other reptiles, by their eggs being fertilised by another mate and laying one or multiple eggs. The dragon will then keep the egg in a boiling hot environment until it hatches a new dragon. The rate that a dragon is grown and hatched from an egg is variable depending on colour but it is believed to take over three years for a dragon to fully emerge from an egg. However, some of the dragons have discovered ways to fertilise their own eggs but have yet to successfully hatch any.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragons grow a lot slower than most other species in Arrasgoth due to their long life expectancy. It is very rare for a dragon to die of old age so there is no clear recorded age that a dragon should be expected to die.    Chart Showing Rate of growth for Dragons:
Stage Name of Stage Age in Years
1 Wyrmling 0-5 Years
2 Young 6-100
3 Adult 101-800
4 Ancient 801+

Ecology and Habitats

Dragons can thrive in most areas but they prefer areas that reflect their own damage type. They have the ability to corrupt the area they live in and so can make it more optimal for themselves by their sheer presence. Dragons were originally found in Skegring Sands but scattered once they were adults to find their own place to live and learn.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragons have the ability to use their breath to cause damage to others and the type of damage suffered wholly depends on the colour of the dragon itself. They have the capacity to morph themselves into a Dragonborn version of themselves, where the first idea of the dragonborn race itself came from. Just seeing a dragon for the first time can frighten others purely from their presence.
Conservation Status
Missing In Time
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

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