Arrasgoth The War of the Skies
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The War of the Skies

Military action


The year long war between the Ancient Dragons and the Followers of the Veil.

The War of the Skies consisted of a long incursion across the continent of Arrasgoth between The Followers of the Veil and The Ancient Dragons. The war took place for a year, with neither side ending in victory. Both sides were wiped out by the magical feedback that occurred.


The Ancient Dragons and the Followers of the Veil lived cohabitively in Arrasgoth since the creation of the continent more than thousands of years previously in the area now known as Skegring Sands. Omissy, Champion of the ____ led the Ancient Dragons and Vaughn Ontario led the Followers of the Veil, the tribes of high elves.   The exact date of the disharmony is unclear, but the high elves began to shift from a diplomatic view to a dictatorship view. A corruption spread through the tribes, leading them to attack areas of Arrasgoth with necrotic and explosive magic for no clear reason other than for destruction. A darkness swept through the humanoid races until only a few tribes remained untouched by the corruption that seemed to stem from the Shadowfell itself.   The Ancient Dragons grew concerned over the increasing destruction of the world they had shaped and attempted a diplomatic approach with the now corrupted Followers of the Veil. This talk was unsuccessful, resulting in the year long battle across Arrasgoth both on land and in the skies. This battle resulted in changing both the cultural and physical landscape of Arrasgoth.

The Battle of the Skies

  The main battle began in the Followers of the Veil’s homeland, Skegring Sands, but continued to spread over Arrasgoth as a continent during the year that the fighting took place. The resulting destruction destroyed Skegring Sands as a whole, turning it into a desert island, uninhabitable to all, and forcing any that survived to move from the area.     The Ancient Dragons had the upperhand for most of the battle due to their larger presence and older magic. The turn of events that led to the downfall of both sides stemmed from Nombu, Champion of the Blue, the youngest of the Ancient Dragons.     Nombu was captured by the Followers of the Veil after a failed attempt at brokering peace. The result of this led to the Followers of the Veil creating a ritual that tore the fabric of reality, resulting in a power vacuum that took both sides of the battle out of time. Only Nombu was left behind.

The Aftermath

  Following the tear, the Ancient Dragons and the Followers of the Veil disappeared from Arrasgoth, with only Nombu remaining from the entire battle. It is unknown what happened to these two factions after the tear healed itself one minute later with the help of Nombu.

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