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Nombu, Champion of the Blue (NOM-BOO)

Nombu, Champion of the Blue is the youngest member of The Ancient Dragons. He is one of the only members of the dragon community to continue to exist after The War of the Skies and was cursed for no one to remember his name or his story. He was the first dragon that was discovered by The Beacons of Hope in their journey against The Darkness.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nombu was the youngest of the Ancient Dragons, the last to be born within the group. He was somewhat of an eager person, wanting to prove his worth amongst his older brethren and often ending up in hot water because of it. Nombu had tried to protect his community within the battle against The Followers of the Veil by trying to entertain peace talks. This then ended in him setting off the chain events that would rip out a large majority of dragons and elves out of time themselves.   During the next 1000 years, Nombu found himself alone, with none of his family to find and with no one remember who he was, despite him telling them who he was. This caused him to retreat into Mount Furor, his home away from home. He grew up into a true ancient dragon by himself, fending for himself, learning magic through stolen tomes and scriptures, and being forgotten by the people of Arrasgoth. When he met The Beacons of Hope, he had all but given up on being remembered but through Harlin Wyllt his name started to get into the world and the dragons began to come back.
Current Location
Date of Birth
26th of Etefin
Year of Birth
1020 BTU 2022 Years old
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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