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Redam is a small hamlet to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the East of Thornwood Falls. The hamlet is found on a junction of minor roads leading across the Reswin Region.   The hamlet is known for holding an entire community of bards who create and perform dramatic literature in the nearby waterfall.


Redam has a predominantly elven population, though there are sprinklings of human, half-elf and dwarf in their settlement. There are not many people living in the hamlet. Half tend to the farming of the hamlet, while the other half are focused on creating dramatic literature.


Redam is run as a democracy and a new leader is chosen every two years. The previous leader does have the opportunity to become leader again should the population believe that they are the best choice. They are extremely friendly to outsiders and welcome them to sit at their table.

Industry & Trade

Redam trades in some farming produce with the towns in Reswin so gain some income from this. However, their major selling point has become the resident bards that perform fantastical shows in the nearby waterfall. They have been known to sell out within days of the Reswin region knowing about it.


The infrastructure of Redam is predominently focused on farming for the town. However, there is a group of bards within the hamlet that have their focus elsewhere. This has meant that the hamlet has an eclectic mix of working class farmers and upper class bards that reflects in the functional yet overly stylish building in this settlement.

Natural Resources

Redam has plenty of fertile land to grow crops on and has the nearby waterfall to give access to fresh water at all times. They are on roads so have access to other settlements and are framed by the mountains of the Bronze Slopes so have plenty of protection from the elements.  
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Founding Date
707 BTU
Location under
Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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