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"We can't undo what happened, but we can move to a better future for us all. We can make this city be a symbol of good magic."
Amara Roswall, previous leader of Tranquillity
  Tranquillity is a city and the only settlement found on the Isle of the Tranquil. The city is filled with arcane casters of all kinds, as well as a few other types of casters. The city was built to house the spellcasters who were sent to the Isle after many of them were corrupted by The Darkness over 1000 years ago in Banshaw Edge.   Tranquillity is a safe haven for any spellcaster and magic is actively encouraged here. It is behind the barrier of the Isle so there is no concern of magic affecting anywhere outside of the island. The city is built similarly to how Banshaw Edge was built but with more of an emphasis on the arcane rather than technology itself. The city stands tall and from the highest wizard tower, it is possible to see over the capital city of Teyrnas Seren.   Tranquillity is found on the northern edge of the Isle of the Tranquil, 200 meters away from Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol. Though the mages of the city cannot physically reach it, the magical properties of the expanse are said to help continue to power the barrier that keeps them on their island.


Tranquillity is completely made up of arcane spellcasters, whatever race they may be. Anyone who is seen with arcane power not blessed by a deity or by nature itself is sent to the Isle of the Tranquil to live out the rest of their days. Any child that is born that does not possess any magical abilities is normally trained into wizardry or suggested to make a pact with a patron to become a warlock. The people of Tranquillity are mostly kind and forgiving to all those who cast spells, particularly children who do not understand, but their hearts are hardened to any others due to their treatment just for having magic.   The people that were born in the city are aware of their traditions and how the system works, but there are many that are brought in from the mainland due to the discovery of their magic. Those that were young and had their magic kept under wraps by their parents application of Lakeharbor's oxarch bracelets are welcomed into the city with open arms and taught how to properly manage their magic. Even a child born with no natural magical abilities and who never made a pact or learnt wizardry cannot leave the Isle.   Those who were captured after doing evil acts with magic or are sent to the isle wearing the anti-magic necklaces of the law keepers of Arrasgoth, they are treated with extreme prejudice until they can prove their are worthy of being able to live in the city. As these necklaces sever their connection to the Weave, they must work to gain respect from the city. There is a group of trained spellcasters who have learnt how to break the necklaces to help restore magic back to the person who was severed, but this can only be done on the Isle and is kept extremely under wraps from any outside of the city.


Tranquillity is run as a magocracy and was originally ruled over by Rudyard who had helped to cause the civil war 1000 years previous. On his death, the leadership was passed down to Amara Roswall.   Since then, the leadership has continued to be passed down by the previous ruler to someone who has shown great magical talents. The current ruler of the city is on old tortle, Lim and he rules with more understanding than most around the issue of magic. He has experience in all three fields of sorcerery, wizardry and warlock magic, using that to understand how magic can be out of control but with the right guidance, can be handled well. Mostly everyone in the city is happy with how the settlement is governed and treats itself as separate to Arrasgoth politics due to the prison-like nature that has been forced upon them by the mainland.   There is a judicial system in place in the city, with prisons and trials for those that need to be judged. There is a scale of punishments that fit the crimes that are committed but mostly it involves a prison sentence and atonement. If someone is deemed to be a genuinely evil person, they are no longer trusted with magic and the necklace of oxarch is placed upon them. They are then exiled from the city and shunned by every person on the Isle to be left for dead. Those that commit crimes that cannot be forgiven are executed, though this is rare.


Tranquillity protects itself in two ways. The first way is that it is protected by the people that live there. Nearly every person that lives within the city has access to magic and knows spells to fend off any intruders or creatures that would try to hurt them or the city itself. The second way is that it is physically impossible to leave the Isle altogether without permission from the King at this time due to an arcane lock on the barrier that was placed there over 500 years ago. Many have tried to break it but none have been able to. Once you are inside of the barrier, you are trapped, regardless of permission from the outside; only the King can let you back out.

Industry & Trade

One of the main issues of the city is that there is no trade that can be done outside of the barrier. This can seem difficult for those who need material components, however, the Isle has every item needed for a spellcaster, due to the Tranquil Garden and Tranquil Cove. However, if an item has completely run out, many transmutation wizards have adapted their crafts in the city to be able to manufacture items that might be needed for spells if what they need is not found on the Isle.


Tranquillity is built very similar to the infrastructure of Banshaw Edge with a very heavy focus on the development and control of magical powers. They have built many wizard towers to house those who cannot control their powers yet. These wizard towers have an aura of abjuration magic around them to stop any stray magic from getting out. The rest of the city is built to withstand magical feedback and mishaps, and most of the buildings appear newly built due to constant magical glamouring. Food is mostly gathered from the Tranquil Garden but is also grown by some druids that live on the Isle on the outskirts of the city.
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Large city
1, 000, 000
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Arrasgoth - The Reconnection

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