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"The problem with this wood is that it is like magic itself. You can use it for good or for evil..."
— one gnome to another in Lakeharbor
  Oxarch is a wood material found in Arrasgoth that has the rare property of being able to dampen or heighten arcane magic. The wood is taken from the Oxarch trees that grew in The Mire of Manter after the influence of Alfyn Weis 1000 years ago in a battle that took place, facing down Rudyard and The Darkness.   The wood itself is harvested from the trunks of the trees and involves careful handling as taking too much from the tree can cause the entire plant to turn to pulp in an instant due to the magical nature of their growth. The wood is then used by two groups of people in particular to create magical jewellery: the gnomes of Lakeharbor and the law keepers of Teyrnas Seren.


Material Characteristics

Oxarch wood is a light brown colour that from a surface glance appears no different from any other kind of wood. However, when studying the inside of the wood when using it to craft, there is a pattern within it that shows it was created of a magical nature. There are lines in the wood that match the direction of The Weave when cut, rather than the traditional rings of the age of the tree.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Oxarch wood is a special wood due to the properties it contains from how it was made. The wood holds a magical property that can be used to either hinder or help magical prowess, depending on how the wood is cut. Left uncut, it does not have any benefit to the wielder or wearer. If it is cut across the lines of the grain so that they are severed, it can be used to dampen or cut someone's connection to the Weave. If it is cut with the lines of the grain, it can be used to heighten or strengthen someone's connection to the Weave. It can be cut by any tool as it is the process of the cutting that is the importance, not the blade it is cut with.

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