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The Rebinding

The Rebinding is a ritual that takes place on the Isle of the Tranquil to restore the connection to The Weave that has been severed by oxarch necklaces. This is not only deemed important due to it being a way to give magic back to a person who has lost it, but also as a great honour as it shows that the person is worthy of having their connection restored.    The Rebinding takes place a month after the arcane magic caster has been on the Isle with the necklace on, and requires the person to prove they deserve their magic back. They prove this by showing they can be trusted in general and that they would use their magic for good or for the mundane, not evil.


The Rebinding has only taken place over the past 500 years after it was discovered that arcane mage users were being forced into necklace that violently severed their connection to The Weave. This forced the caster to no longer able to use magic and the necklace could not be removed by anyone. Some of the casters within Tranquillity discovered a way to remove these enchanted necklaces but struggled to figure out how to restore magic other than through warlock pacts.   After many years of studying and testing, The Rebinding became a ritual that could restore that connection to The Weave. Over the years it has become more streamlined and more efficient, but it still is an extremely painful and mentally taxing event. This is why it is deemed as an honour to restore the connection; it is a test of might and willpower, as well as a show of trust and dedication to magic.


The Rebinding is a ritual that must be performed by the High Mage of Tranquillity. They are the only people within the entire continent that have the ability to restore someone's connection to The Weave, regardless of the ritual being performed by someone else or not. This is because the High Mage is the only person who has a piece of the city focus from Banshaw Edge as their own focus. It is the only artefact in Arrasgoth that can handle the level of magic needed.   The person who is having their connection restored is stood in the middle of an intricately carved glyph in the ground. This glyph is found at the very edge of the city, near to Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol as it is believed to help power the magical connection. The glyph is made up of many different languages, but the most important langauge it must be written in is Ancient Draconic. Once the glyph is activated, the person cannot leave it or risks instant death. The glyph is activated by the High Mage with the city focus from Banshaw Edge. The High Mage is drained of their power whilst the glyph is activated and suffers alongside the caster in the center.   Once the glyph has been activated, the person inside will have arcane, ethereal chains wrap around their own soul, binding them in place to the glyph. Only those with the ability to see into the Ethereal Plane can visibly see the chains in place. The chains link to the glyph and start pushing magic into the person's soul. This is extremely painful and can cause the caster to completely black out from pain. This part of the ritual can take up to twenty minutes of constant pain, depending on the strength of the person before their magic was removed.   After the chains have connected them to the magic, the glyph will run out of magic to show that half of the ritual is complete. The in pain and normal unconscious person is then taken to the river that runs through the city. They are placed into it and left for an hour. During this hour, the rushing waters will run through the ethereal chains and into the person. This is said to soothe the pain and the water is a symbol not only of cleansing, but also of the run of how the Weave works with their magic.   Once the hour is up, the chains will disappear and the person is left to heal. Once a week is up, the caster normally has their magic returned to them but will need practice to get back to the power they once were as it is a brand new binding of The Weave and the caster.
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