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"It's somewhat of a joke when you think on it. Our ethnicity claims us as Tranquil, at peace, but yet they deem our arcane connection to be chaotic. Truly, we are not the ones at war with ourselves."
— a resident of Tranquillity
  The Tranquil ethnicity is given to anyone who resides or was born upon the Isle of the Tranquil, whether you live within the city of Tranquility or just within the forests or gardens of the island. The ethnicity is found only on the Isle of the Tranquil, and takes part of its name from the tranquil waters that are found in the magical expanse, Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol.   To be given this ethnicity labels the person as dangerous and as separate from the Arrasgothian ethnicity, despite both being on the same continent. Those that live within the Isle see the ethnicity as a badge of honour to be worn and deem it as making them part of their magical community. Those who live on the Isle cannot escape it and so no Tranquil are found on the mainland continent.   In terms of communication to any Arrasgothian people on the mainland, there is no possible way for them to get in contact. Originally, letters were written and passed on to those on the mainland, but after the arcane lock, no type of communication can get off of the Isle or into it.


Major language groups and dialects

Tranquil speak practically every language that can be found in Arrasgoth due to their culture being people from all areas of the continent. Predominantly common is used within the city as it is a language that all of them can speak, but any kind of language can be heard throughout the community.

Shared customary codes and values

Tranquil people believe that there is extreme importance in using and understanding magic so that it cannot be used against you. After their people were sent to the Isle of the Tranquil, they knew that they had to prove that arcane magic could be used for good, so there is a strong emphasis on proving that. They also believe that they are one big community and that everyone should be working together always. They are extremely prejudiced against someone who breaks that trust or works against the community.   Tranquil have varying views on the Arrasgoth Pantheon, depending on their family, their life and any interactions they have had with the gods. Most of them worship Recondite, God of Arcana, but there are the few who find themselves following a divine path for a different god.

Common Etiquette rules

Just like any Arrasgothian, Tranquil believe there is importance in being kind, courteous and understanding of the people you are with. However, they also believe there is importance in being truthful, especially about magic. They feel that everyone should be able to share if they are struggling with their magic so they, as a community, can come together to fix or guide the problem. It is deemed extremely rude not to tell someone that you are struggling with your magic as it may be seen as you hiding it for nefarious reasons.

Common Dress code

Tranquil people have no specific dress code due to being from settlements all over the contient. They believe that you should reflect your own individuality, however that is. The only common dress code that can be found on Tranquil people is the symbol of the city, but this can be found anywhere, whether it is a tattoo, a necklace, or even a shield.

Art & Architecture

The art and architecture of Tranquil people within their city is very similar to the old architecture of the long gone city, Banshaw Edge. They focus on the idea of displaying their magical prowess so all the art and architecture is very eclectic and reflects the nature of the person who built it. They do not let anything they build or design match someone else's.   The most noticeable piece of natural architecture within the city is the large river that runs through the middle that was created by the mages. Not only is this so that there is constant connection to running water for the city, but also so that they can recreate their own miniature version of Y Cydgyfeiriant Eigionol within the city. Whilst it doesn't have the same magical properties, it does make the river look beautiful and reflects the different natures that arcane magic has.


Beauty Ideals

Tranquil have no overall ideal on the concept of beauty, other than the fact that they believe that magical prowess is something to be admired. They find beauty in The Weave and how arcane magic can be used to make such wonderful and powerful things. They do not find beauty in magic that is used for evil and greatly shun those who do show those traits as they feel they already have a bad reputation just from having a connection to the Weave, so have no desire to build upon it.

Gender Ideals

Gender ideals mean very little to the Tranquil. They hold no real focus on what gender a person is and no one gender is more powerful or respected than others. They believe that everyone has the capacity to be strong or to be weak, regardless of the gender assignment. They focus on being the best versions of themselves and on being whoever they feel that they want to be.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is something that Tranquil people do focus on and use their magic normally to show interest in someone. Within the culture, the ideal is towards showing you are the best at magic that you can be. Through showing this to a prospective mate, they build upon the foundations of their courtship. Normally the best courtship ideal is between two people of the same spellcasting class, such as a wizard and a wizard, as it is believed that they understand each other and their magic best.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are extremely important to Tranquil because it is one of the only things that they have control over themselves that cannot be interferred with by others. When they make friends or form a bond with someone, it is normally for life and they are willing to lay down their lives to protect it. Tranquil are fiercely loyal and protective, and will do anything for another of their kind that they deem worthy of it.

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