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Thornwood Falls

"My husband used to say the waterfall was like an ever flowing diamond... and I was still surprised when he proposed to me."
— Henrietta Graviata, The Historian
  Thornwood Falls is a large, natural waterfall that is found on to the North of Arrasgoth in amongst the Bronze Slopes. It is closest to Redam but the top of the waterfall can also be accessed from Skarvengar though is more treacherous to get to from the top.   Thornwood Falls gains the name from the trees that surround the lake at the bottom of the waterfall that are known by locals as Thornwood Trees due to their bark have natural barbs along the main trunk to protect them from any insects or birds that might try to damage them. The lake itself is crystal clear and the water is ice cold due to running from the top of the snowy mountain range. The water also has a more metallic taste than some of the other bodies of water in Arrasgoth due to the bronze that is found within the mountain range.   The water is used for a variety of different things but is most commonly use to collect fresh water for Redam. It is also considering a great place for fertility rituals and couples will often bathe naked in the water in the hope of being blessed with a child. The waterfall also holds plays and performances of dramatic literature from the bards of Redam and is used as a constant theatre for them.
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