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Archive of Exploration

"They say that the biggest secrets are in books. The problem with having secret books is you need a secret place to hide it. That is why this place exists: a hiding place for books."
  The Scholar's Archive of Exploration is the main archive of historical information on Arrasgoth itself. It is kept heavily guarded by The Scholars and only those who are trusted by them can access it. It is unknown where in Arrasgoth this archive is, but it is believed to be somewhere hidden from mortal eyes. The archive is also said to be the instrument of change for the world and that the information contained would destroy everything already believed about the continent and the people that live upon it.   The archive contains a copy of every book ever written by one of The Scholars. It also contains ancient maps, scrolls and drawings, some of which only a handful of people have read. Those that have tried to find the archive without permission have found themselves unable to. Only The Scholars know the exact location and it is said to move, much like The House of Books, Dutdur, God of Knowledge's realm.

Purpose / Function

The Archive of Exploration's main purpose was to provide a safe space for all knowledge to be recorded. The information to be protected was gathered by The Scholars since the fall of Banshaw Edge and the entire Eskus Region. The information was also gathered and written about in unbiased terms which could cause massive controversy due to the current political state of the continent and the segregation of the arcane magic users.   The Archive of Exploration also provides a sanctuary to The Scholars who have pushed the boundaries of change further than others are willing to accept it. It provides them a place to sleep, live and eat, whilst also giving them the job of maintaining the archive.


The Archive of Exploration looks similar to any other library building that might be found across Arrasgoth and does not stand out against any other place. This is on purpose so that the building can blend in wherever in the continent it is. It is made of stone to protect the inside from any unexpected fires due to the amount of parchment that is found there, but other than that, it is just like any other place.


The Archive of Exploration has one main defence against anyone who is able to find it without permission from The Scholars. It has an active barrier inside of the door that cannot be penetrated by someone who is not part of The Scholars. The barrier not only works physically and cannot be pushed through, it also has an arcane property to it that can cause the person who touches the barrier to completely forget what they were doing for the last 24 hours. This allows enough time for the building to disappear.
Alternative Names
The Archive
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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