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The Historian

"The Historian is a thankless title. You record everything, every day, and if you show just one thought that isn't fact, you're out. I wouldn't be able to do it."
— a dwarf to another elf in Inham Farms
  The Historian is the title given to the scribe who writes down the ongoing history of Arrasgoth and the many things that have happened during their time. This title is given by the ruler of Arrasgoth and handed down professionally rather than hereditarily.


The Historian must be a good writer, knowledgeable and able to craft the history into an exciting and factual read. The Historian must also remain unbiased to stay in their job as any bias would deem the history incorrect. The Historian must be willing to travel at all times to gather information on all the settlements and factions to record accurate history.


A person gains this rank by appointment from the ruler or King. They are chosen out of the best and most knowledgeable scribes of the land. The Historian will only be changed by appointment if they are unable to fulfil their duties, they show bias or they have died.


The Historian has the responsibility of recording the entire history of Arrasgoth as it progresses through time, and anything that was not recorded beforehand. They also are expected to travel across the continent to get first hand accounts and drawings, to speak to the people of Arrasgoth, and to record what is said word for word. They are expected to create a book each year documenting the situation of Arrasgoth for future readers.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Historian can be removed from duties on three accounts. The first is by The Historian being no longer able to perform their duties for any reason, whether that is mentally or physically. The second is by The Historian showing any bias in their reading, such as changing the outcome of a battle or showing true opinions in the writing. The third would be by the death of The Historian.
Academic, Professional
Source of Authority
The Current Ruler of Arrasgoth
Reports directly to
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