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The Storyteller

The Storyteller is the title given to a spellcaster who has the ability to attune, wield and create stories in The Enchanted Tales. This title can only be earned by someone who has the magical ability and imagination to create new stories in the book; it is not enough to just wield the book on your person.


The main requirements for becoming The Storyteller is being able to show your magical prowess and imagination well enough that you are able to influence the book to write stories for you. Without this proof, and without wielding The Enchanted Tales, a person cannot be The Storyteller.


A person gains this rank after they have attuned to The Enchanted Tales and have begun to write stories within the pages. Without this ability, the person cannot be the Storyteller. The Storyteller can pass on the book to another and if that person is able to write stories within the pages, they are then granted the privilege and burden of being The Storyteller, and the predecessor goes back to being what they were before.


The Storyteller has the responsibility not only to protect the book from any exterior influences such as corruption of dark magic, but also to protect and be aware of the stories in the book. As the stories are able to come out of the book and play out in The Enchanted Forest, they need to be within it at all times to check that the stories are playing as they are written and not causing harm to the general populace.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Though The Storyteller can give up their title, it has only ever been granted to two people in the time the Enchanted Tales has existed, and the first to gain the title passed away hence the title moving on to her father.
The Storyteller AI Generation by Midjourney
Magical, Honorific
Source of Authority
The Book
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The Storyteller 2 AI Generation


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