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Catagon was a small village to the North of Arrasgoth, South of Barren Moor. The village was on one of the major roads that leads between Inham Farms and Hamlet on Casia Main  The village was a mining settlement that focused predominantly on mining granite out of the hills that lie to the North of the town.    The village is now a corrupted ruin that has been tainted by a dark plague unleashed by The Darkness.  


The village had previously been mostly human and elven in population, focusing on hard labourers who worked with the stone itself.  


The village had been run by a lord who owned the land. The villagers paid the lord to live there and everything was shared between the families and the lord.   


Catagon had no real building defences in place but had a small town guard that protected it. Their buildings were one of the only settlements in Arrasgoth to use stone rather than traditional wood so it made it harder for anyone to break them down.  

Industry & Trade

Catagon had mostly traded in granite with other settlements, especially with Egomont to help build up the capital buildings.  


The infrastructure of Catagon was focused on the mining of granite and this reflected itself in the build of the houses themselves. They were also not far from the forest so had a good network of hunters amongst them.  


Catagon had been founded just under 150 years ago by the lord at the time with his family. The population had been made up of those he had taken with him from Egomont and the village grew up around his estate.   During the recent year, a plague swept through the village, caused by the entities known as the Darkness which could not be stopped or halted. This resulted in the death of every man, woman and child other than four who had been out hunting in the nearby woods. The plague was focused only on the village and did not affect any of the surrounding areas so was presumed to be magical in origin.   

Natural Resources

Catagon had Casia Forest nearby that gave them access to wood, water and hunting. They were also on a main road so transport was easy for them to get between the more major settlements. They also had a large granite deposit that they mined.  

21st October 0 UOK

Founding Date
145 BTU
Location under
Villager One: I'm bored of mining. Can we swap for the day and I'll go hunting instead of you and you can go to the mine?

Village Two: No, for different reasons. One, I'm not trained to mine and you're not trained to hunt. Two, I think they'll notice we've swapped.

Village One: Oh, come on. We're identical twins. They'll never notice.

Villager Two: I think they will.

Village One: How?

Villager Two: I'm your sister!
— Two siblings in Catagon
(19th Tomimili 0 UOK)

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