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The Scholars

"Interesting. I would have thought this information would have revealed the truth of what happened. Instead, it seems to be a recipe for soup..."
Hughes Moonflower
  The Scholars are a community of archaeologists and cartographers who travel around the continent, collecting information and objects to further study. The majority of them can be found in Diope and tend to focus on writing books and creating maps, rather than travelling anymore. They are well respected by the leaders of the capital, Teyrnas Seren, but under the surface are working to uncover secrets that could change the entire world view.   The Scholars are somewhat open to visitors and will help those that are willing to learn, but only those truly trusted and part of the order are aware of what their group is really working on. A very small minority of The Scholars work undercover to get their information, and it is said that some are undercover in the King's own court.


The Scholars run somewhat as a community but there is a vague hierarchy amongst them when first starting out. Until you have proved yourself, you are considered an Apprentice and work under one of the other Scholars. Once you have proved yourself, you are on the same standing as all the other Scholars, though age and expertise does push some ahead of others. At the top of all The Scholars is the leader who makes the hard decisions, Hughes Moonflower, but predominantly decisions are made on an individual basis so long as it fits in with the ideals of the group.


The core belief of The Scholars is that knowledge unlocks everything. They hold any information in high regard and are not forthcoming with sharing it unless they deem the information needs to be shared. Whilst they encourage learning, they also understand how knowledge can change an entire world and so are careful to manage what is known. They also all believe that soon there will be a time when the information must be shared and the entire world will change.

Sow Knowledge, Reap Wisdom

Founding Date
10 ATU
Research, Council
Controlled Territories

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