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Barrow Colouration

"You know, after working with all these colours, overcast days are oddly beautiful."
— one elven worker to another in the Barrow Colouration
  The Barrow Colouration is a merchants guild that specialises in the making and selling of dye to various settlements and industries in their production of items. They are found in Quickbarrow as their main base of operation but work across the continent to deliver and sell their products.


The guild is run very much like a business and a settlement, with their elected leader being the person that makes all the calls for the guild. Everyone else works underneath the leader but has the option to put themselves forward as leader should they want to. Their leadership is based upon likeability most of the time rather than any policies so this does have an affect on the product the guild sell.


The culture of the Barrow Colouration is based around the culture of their settlement so a lot of their influence is elven due to the high population of elves that live in Quickbarrow. They also have a huge emphasis on using their own dyes to promote their product so a lot of the people that work for the guild have brightly coloured hair and clothes in a large variety of colours.


The Barrow Colouration has been running for as long as Quickbarrow has existed, which is roughly 700 years. Due to their elven influence, the dyes have been around for a long time and they have become the most popularly used dyes in Arrasgoth for fabrics and hair colouring. They have not stopped trading, despite the current situation with impending civil war.
Guild, Merchant

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