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Captain Bill

"If it makes me money and gives me glory, I'll help. Otherwise, sling your hook."
  Captain Bill of the Peregrine Bay faction is the most lucrative and famous pirate that sails the Arrasgoth seas. She sails under the banner of 'Peregrine Bay' and has the alliance and control of all of the pirate organisations that exist in Arrasgoth. She also has an alliance with Purgatory and has a good friendship with both Captain Gawain and Ruthren the Reaper, albeit a strained one.   Her main ship is known as The Golden Rose and she often sails upon it when she ventures out of her home of Peregrine Bay. She prefers to stay on the mainland and send others out, but when she does sail out, she is a formidable force to deal with.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Captain Bill was born in Egomont to a pirate father and an unknown mother. When asked, her father merely stated that she was some girl he met in a port in Arrasgoth and she dumped her on him when she was born. Her father was never much fussed about his daughter and much preferred to have a son, so named her Bill because of that.   She fought for his attention constantly, proving she was just as good as any man. By 18, she had full control of her ship, The Golden Rose, and took over leadership from her father who was dying of an infection caused in a duel. On his deathbed, he named his second as the leader, but she never revealed that information to anyone else, claiming he chose her.    She has continued to run Peregrine Bay since and is known as a fair ruler, if not a little lazy and selfish. She is known for making decisions that benefit her, regardless of the implication it might have on others. Many find her to be a problem and she isn't worried about it.
Current Location
Date of Birth
15th of Hivadeb
Year of Birth
30 BTU 1032 Years old
Aligned Organization

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