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#09 - No Place Like Home Report

General Summary

Alfyn Weis, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, Freya Holliend and Jebediah are woken to the sound of Harlin Wyllt and Maura returning from where they had been, completely drunk.    The group, after catching the missing two up, suggest that now Brea has agreed to be the governess for the orphanage, they should go and speak to Daelar Weis in Inham Farms to explain what is going on with Rudyard, including sending bounty hunters.    The group set off towards Inham Farms, leaving Brea and Maura behind to look after the five orphans. A lot of strange encounters happened to the group but perhaps the strangest was an encounter with one of The Ancient Dragons on one of the road.   Nombu, Champion of the Blue was upset that no one could remember him and was ready to kill the group to gain his name back amongst the people. Harlin convinced Nombu not to kill them as he would spread his name around by writing a song about him. Nombu agreed and left them to carry on their journey, with none of the group realising how important this would come to be. He was sent to go and live in Prosperity Bay.   The group made it to Inham Farms and spoke to Daeler, explaining the situation that was occuring. He was unsure how he was supposed to help, that everyone had good and bad days, and maybe Rudyard was having a really bad day. He told the group they were having issues with a goblin encampment near one of the farms and if they could investigate whilst he gathers some of the other farmers to explain the Rudyard situation, that would be wonderful.   The group set off to the goblin encampment and found Trax's Goblins, run by their goblin leader, Trax. Trax explained to them that they are a peaceful tribe but that the other goblins thought they weren't being 'real' goblins so told them to leave, hence their staying at the edge of Inham Farms.   The group agreed to look into the situation and headed to the Barren Moor to search out this other goblin encampment. They found the goblins on route to Barren Moor. They managed to deal with the other goblins by killing them and somewhat peace was restored.
Report Date
02 Sep 2020
Primary Location


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