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"The only thing crooked about this man is his teeth, which explains his strict dental plan."
— Fel, goblin of Trax's Goblins
  Trax is the goblin leader of Trax's Goblins. He is perhaps the smartest goblin in Arrasgoth and is part of one of the only peaceful tribes of goblins on the continent. He is a friendly goblin, mostly focused on scavenging whatever tech he can and learning about things that can explode.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Trax was born into a large family of goblins in the tribe that resided in the Barren Moor before the lizardfolk moved in. He was always smarter than his siblings, trying to figure out how their tribe worked and how he can get things for his own advantage. When he turned into an adult, he started to show leanings towards making friendships and alliances, something frowned upon by most of his tribe.   By the age of 10, he had amassed a group of goblins who wanted to live peacefully. This did not settle well with the rest of the tribe who told them to change their ways or they would hunt them all down. Deciding he wanted neither of those options, he set out with his small group of peaceful goblins and settled on the edge of Inham Farms in hope they would just let them live there.    It was only when Trax met The Beacons of Hope that their tribe was fully established as a peaceful community and that Trax was, in fact, not a bad goblin. The group helped him make a deal with Daelar Weis to live in coexistence so long as neither caused problems for the other. He has been working on making explosives ever since.
Current Location
Date of Birth
28th of Etefin
Year of Birth
10 BTU 1012 Years old
Aligned Organization

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