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Trax's Goblins

"Fel only work for Trax 'cause Trax offers holidays and dental to workers. Fel also like 'bring offspring to work' day."
— Fel, goblin of Trax's Goblins
  Trax's Goblins are a group of goblins who live near Inham Farms who broke away from their main tribe to form a peaceful tribe of scavengers and experimenters. They take in any goblins, or, very recently, kobolds who are willing to scavenge and keep on the side of peace. They are led by an intelligent goblin, Trax, who made a deal with Alfyn Weis to work with Inham Farms so that they could continue to live on their outskirts.


Though the tribe doesn't necessarily have much of a 'structure', they all deem Trax as their official leader as he the smartest of them and the only one of them to know how to do a lot of the stuff they try to do. They don't really have an ambitions to overthrow him and want to live peacefully, so they refer to Trax on all decision making, and Trax refers to Daelar Weis on matters that deem a higher authority.


The tribe of goblins that make up this organisation has the same kind of culture as any other goblins. Everything that can be taken, will be taken and horded away like treasure. However, they take on a more 'community' spirit, hording their things together against the outside world and working on making things that either blow up or can help them get more things. Trax's Goblins are always focused on the culture of mechanics and making things. If they could ally themselves to The Jade Guard Engineers as well, they would.


Trax's Goblins are a very new organisation, msotly due to only recently being broken from their previous tribe. They are not very established and mostly keep to themselves, but have heavily been influenced by the intervention of The Beacons of Hope. Not only did they make the goblins consider the alliance between themselves and Inham Farms, Jebediah also supplied the goblins with exploding potions that they have been working on to use in battles. Exploding goblins is very much on the cards in this organisation and they cannot wait to find a reason to use it for good.

Scavenge All

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Notable Members

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