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#41 - Reflections and Reinforcements Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope finished their battle with Faelynn and her eladrin elves, before talking to Breodus, the Kind about the situation. He explained about the mirrors, that they had twinned them and the only way to fix them would be to do it at exactly the same time in both places.   Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu arranged for Ruthren the Reaper, Invila and Angelica, along with some guards and a dragon escort of Vileagous, The Eternal, to go to Blossoming Sands to prepare to fix the mirrors at the same time as the Beacons of Hope were still in Jungle Hollow.   As they were waiting for the other team to arrive, they investigated the area. They discovered Breodus' Ledrith Teithio behind the waterfall, protected by an anti-magic field. They found the glass cracked on the floor in a flood of water, pouring in to the hole which led to the other mirror in Blossoming Sands which had been pouring water out of it.   They also figured out that the eladrin elves that had come with Faelynn were originally fey guards for Queen Venestra but it was unclear whether this was before she died or after as the Spring eladrin had a heart on their wrist.   The two groups in two different places worked together to fix the mirror, causing four levels of exhaustion and some pain to both Harlin Wyllt and Invila. They could see the other teams reflected back at each other, and they all went into the Ledrith Teithio to get to Blossoming Sands with an unconscious Harlin.   It was also discovered that the lightning style 'tattoos' on Harlin's arms from fixing the mirror could be leftover corruption from the Ledrith Teithio being attacked in the previous war. He found he had lines all the way up his arms to his neck now, and Invila had the marks up to his wrists.   The group discussed what had happened together with the Purgatory party, before splitting into different directions. Vileagous explained to the group that there had been an issue in Banshaw Edge and that all the people seemed to have disappeared. He said there were places boarded up but he could see no sign of life when The Ancient Dragons did a fly by. Alfyn Weis messaged King Facilion to let him know about the issue of the eladrin fey and to keep an eye out for Faelynn.   The Beacons of Hope headed to Inham Farms to catch up with both Daelar Weis and their other halves, Breanna Roswall and Maura. Maura told the group that the constructs had started taking over towns and settlements in the Eskus Region, and that people either signed up with Rudyard or they were killed by the constructs.   The Beacons of Hope, minus Harlin who was still unconscious, spoke to Daelar about the situation. He explained he had no idea why Rudyard was doing this and it was so out of character for him. He said that he did not know what Rudyard was doing, no one did and it didn't seem to make any logical sense. He told them he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with the situation when he would have to come face to face with Rudyard.   The group then discussed their plans for going forward from this moment on. They agreed that the next course of action was to look into Banshaw Edge, particularly Rudyard's study, and to see if there were any people still around. They also discussed whether they needed to do anything else before venturing to a point they might not return from.   The group spoke about the lamp they had gotten from Shimmering Grotto that had caused Prince Ali to become trapped with a travelling circus. They discussed where it would be safe to keep it and whether to use it at all.   Harlin eventually woke up around two days later and joined the discussion on the lamp. Emrys discovered that it was definitely magical and there was something inside. Alfyn messaged Prince Ali who couldn't be clear on what was inside but that there was definitely some form of creature that would grant the wish.   The group also discovered from Freya Holliend who had been teleported to Captain Gawain that Dead on the Water had unknowingly messed with time, once again, and had released a kraken. The group joked about sending the dragons to go and roast the kraken, but that they themselves would not get involved as they had more important events such as the world ending to deal with.
Report Date
05 Jan 2022
Primary Location
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