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Vileagous, The Eternal (VIL-AY-JUS)

“Always been fascinated by dragons, never thought I was related to one.”
    Vileagous, The Eternal is one of the members of The Ancient Dragons. He is the most well known of the dragons to be the father of most dragonborn as he created them in his image. He was cursed to never be able to hatch one of his own kind after the War of the Skies  . He was the only other one of the dragons to not be taken out of time during this war; the other was Nombu, Champion of the Blue. Neither knew of the other's existence until the intervention of The Beacons of Hope who freed Vileageous from a ritual trap done by Faelynn.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vileagous was a middle member of the Ancient Dragons, born after the first few dragons had come into existence. He had somewhat of a gruff personality, focused more on building their community than focusing on much else. He was somewhat in charge of the breeding project but this was greatly disrupted by the various different dragons wanting him to try different things. He was a scholar and wrote down many of his ideas, hoping to pass them on to his future children to eventually continue his work.   Before he had a chance to hatch his first egg, the first dragon to be born upon Arrasgoth soil that wasn't created by Dutdur, God of Knowledge, he found himself being wiped out by The Followers of the Veil and left to die in the middle of the Vivid Marsh. He woke many days later, with no sign of his family and all alone. He was stuck in his dragonborn form and so started to make creatures in his image as he was unable to hatch any eggs, despite trying.   Over the 1000 years of being alone, he created the dragonborn race in its entirety and transformed the Vivid Marsh into what it is today. The dragonborn have only recently discovered that they truly are descendants of the dragons, specifically Vileageous.
Current Location
Date of Birth
10th of Tomimili
Year of Birth
1236 BTU 2238 Years old
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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