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"The gods gave me my magic for something, and I'm good at healing so maybe that was what I was destined to do."
  Angelica is one of three siblings who work and live in Purgatory. She is a sorcerer and a healer who helps Ti run the hospital tent alongside her sister and brother, Eliza and Alexander. She uses her innate divine magic, gifted to her from the Arrasgoth Pantheon to help heal those in Purgatory with serious injuries.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Angelica was born the eldest child of a brother and a sister to a sorcerer mother and a bard father. She was raised in Banshaw Edge and taught how to control her magic by her mother after she was gifted her powers by divine intervention of the Arrasgoth Pantheon. She was sent to Banshaw Edge Magic School to learn to further control and hone her magical powers, and found a great knack for healing spells.    When the war broke out, she went with her brother and younger sister out of the city and headed across the country. They eventually ended up at Purgatory, begging for sanctuary from the war that was about to start and offering any help they could. Angelica offered to use her magical powers to help with the healing process of the injuries that the mercenaries received. This offer was accepted and the three were granted safety behind Purgatory's fences.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2nd of Hivadeb
Year of Birth
22 BTU 1024 Years old
Aligned Organization

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