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"If you're not bleeding or dying, you can wait. I have more important things to deal with than a sprained ankle."
— Ti
  Ti is the one of the senior members of Purgatory and is the head of the medical tent. He was originally in a thieves guild within the capital but abandoned it when the position of helping the bandit camp on the outskirts of Egomont came up instead. He loves his job despite his gruff and angry exterior and tries his best to keep everyone safe.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ti was born an only child in Egomont in the lower end of the capital. His family scraped by on what they could afford and tried to give their son the best start they could. As he grew up, he wanted better for his family and started to beg, borrow and steal whatever he could to get them more that they needed. When his father got sick, he tended to him with stolen medicine from the apothecary until he got caught. A thieves guild saw his potentially and freed him from prison, taking him under their wing to help them out instead.   By age 30, he had been in a shady run that had cost him his eye, causing him to almost bleed out and be left for dead by his so-called team. He patched himself up, found himself a new place to take up a role and has not looked back since. He now works for Purgatory and has developed a somewhat confusing relationship with the quartermaster, Wendy.
Current Location
Date of Birth
2nd of Etemili
Year of Birth
33 BTU 1035 Years old
Aligned Organization

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