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"I'm sure I'll find something you can use! Even if I have to sew a few things together to fit you."
— Wendy
  Wendy is one of the senior members of Purgatory and is the resident quartermaster. She makes sure all supplies are kept in order and trade is established between the settlement and other places. She has always been a member of Purgatory since her birth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Wendy was born the only child of a Purgatory mercenary mother and a merchant father. The father wanted nothing to do with her so left soon after he found out her mother was pregnant. Her mother was less than pleased but raised Wendy the best she could within the Purgatory camp. Her mother was killed when she was eight years old in an attempt to stop a robbery.   Wendy was taken under the wing of the previous quartermaster, taught how to understand people, suss them out and know exactly what you needed to know. She worked her way up to becoming the current quartermaster of Purgatory when the previous one passed away due to old age. She lost the sight in one of her eyes due to a gambling ring she had gotten involved in. Despite being in a somewhat tame job, Wendy has been involved in many shady dealings and is more than willing to get her vengeance should she need to. She certainly knows her way around knives.   She has developed a somewhat confusing relationship with the head of the medical tent, Ti but it is unclear what exactly they are.
Current Location
Date of Birth
16th of Etemili
Year of Birth
29 BTU 1031 Years old
Aligned Organization

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