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#14 - The Darkness Rises Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope headed to one of the mines of Cardnum and found it completely blocked off with stone and rubble from some sort of collapse. Backed up by Ruthren the Reaper who was invited by Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu after dealing with the tribes with her earlier, they came up with a way to open it up so they could see what had happened inside.   They discovered that the collapse wasn't an accident and made their way inside to find the dead body of Tilly Silveraxe's father. They explored further into the cave and discovered an injured artificer from The Jade Guard Engineers and her destroyed cart from Banshaw Edge. She said that something had appeared and tried to kill her but she didn't know what it was.   They managed to get her out before they found themselves facing off against a group of cultists in dark robes that appeared to have come from nowhere. They lowered their hoods and seemed to be exact copies of them all, ready to fight them and break them. A fight ensued, Ruthren was frozen to the spot, helpless, with some of the party suffering from horrible insults and inner mind messing as they dug into their deepest fears. As the last one fell, they told the group who they were. That they were The Darkness and that it would rise, before leaving them alone.   The group returned to the main town, told the Cardnum council what had occurred and that something needed to be done about all of this. The council agreed and sent messages to all the major settlements, declaring that they should have a parlay and discuss The Darkness in detail and what should be done about them. The Beacons of Hope were also invited to this meeting, and Freya Holliend and Harlin Wyllt were tasked as being the neutral parties as they had no ties with any of the heads of these settlements.
Report Date
07 Oct 2020
Primary Location


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