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#19 - The Darkness In The Mirror Report

General Summary

After taking some time of rest and healing after their horrific time in The Shadowfell, the group told everyone what had happened and about the shadow creature known as a Tenebrae. They warned the group that the creatures there were powerful and if that was where the cult was coming from, they were in trouble.   Daelar Weis eventually called the group to Inham Farms and explained that he had concerns about Cedar Wilds as he had heard nothing from them in a while and that they were planning to move to the farms to be safer due to The Darkness situation.   The group set off to find out what had happened in Cedar Wilds and found it completely surrounded by a bubble with the people trapped inside, with no sign of movement. Behind them was a large portal, one that Jebediah had used before that could only be opened by Entrydal or Ryo. The group were hesitant but Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, Alfyn Weis and Freya Holliend stepped through eventually. Maura convinced Jeb by spell to step inside.    When they entered through the portal, they found themselves in a parallel version of the world they knew but it was instantly much darker. They found that they themselves had died many months ago to a banshee attack, the first attack they had properly faced as a group. They started to explore this new world and found much had changed. Cedar Wilds had been wiped out in a werewolf attack, all of Purgatory had turned to stone, and a vampire lord known as Stroud had taken over Peregrine Bay after defeating the previous ruler, a vampire known as REDACTED  Finding out the only safe place in this parallel world was Banshaw Edge, they made their way towards it and came across a church which held the parallel versions of Brea and Maura inside who needed some convincing to work with them and believe them. They explained that The Darkness had overrun the world and Banshaw Edge was the only place that had been protected by all it's magic.    Entering into Banshaw Edge, this version of Rudyard explained he could probably get them home but that this world is going to suffer, that they have no hope left and soon he worried this city would fall soon. He told them that if their world had yet to fall to the Darkness, then perhaps they could find a way to save it unlike his world.   The group went to visit important members of their own lives. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu found Ruthren the Reaper living in the lighthouse, with no light on, and a broken shell of herself. He spent many days making sure she had a little hope but there was not much he could do for her. He was granted the blessing of the only god still in this world, Nalena, Goddess of Twilight who gifted him the power to turn the lighthouse into The Beacon along with Brea. Alfyn Weis found his father, depressed and alone, his mother dead and the farms destroyed by the Darkness.    The group were gifted new weapons within this world to help them defeat the Darkness, before being sent back to their own world. They returned to Inham Farms with the news and explained everything that had happened, including the start of building The Beacon.
Report Date
18 Nov 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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