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#30 - The Lines in the Sand Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope spent some time resting in Cape Vern, especially with Harlin injured, magically worn out and unconscious. Sgàil explained to them about the city and that he had heard that Cliffdale had cut itself off. He agrees to take them to speak to someone who would know a lot more about the situation of Skegring Sands than he did.   The group set out across the heat and the desert to a large pyramid, one of two in the large desert. They found the pyramid inhabited by a crew of royal type guards, all with the same cold persona, an almost undead one. They met the owner of the pyramid, a mysterious man only referred to as Sir. He agreed to let Skegring Sands help in the battle against The Darkness but that he needed some help himself with Cliffdale as some of his guards were sent there and never returned.   Agreeing to help Sir, the group continued onwards and came up against a giant sandwyrm that attempted to take Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu back to its burrow with it. They managed to defeat it but learnt that it was probably one of the baby ones. They continued to the second pyramid and discovered it was a temple to Recondite, God of Arcana. They discovered that the place had been corrupted from the tabaxis on guard outside but that they were welcome to go inside and face the test if they felt worthy enough of doing so.   The group journeyed into the temple, discovering that the temple had been corrupted by yet more Darkness and that the only way truly out was to complete the trials that were set out before them. They managed to work their way down to the final area where they discovered that there was an ancient copper dragon trapped inside, but there was also another copper dragon tied to him in the ethereal plane.   Using the best of their abilities, the two managed to keep both copper dragons safe and intact, allowing them to find a way to give back one of the dragons their body. They introduced themselves as Kyviria, Champion of the ______ and Tessol, Champion of the ______.   After leaving the temple, they bid farewell to Sgàil and the dragons, heading in the direction of Cliffdale to find out why it was so closed off.
Report Date
05 Mar 2021
Primary Location


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