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Kyviria, Champion of the Black (kigh-VEER-ree-uh)

"They say when she fights, you can almost hear her laughter as this is all a game to her, and it's one she always wins."
— Unknown Source
  Kyviria, Champion of the Black is one of the members of The Ancient Dragons. She was trapped inside of the Ledrith Teithio during the War of the Skies  and her soul was ripped from her body. She was only saved by her soul joining itself with her twin brother's soul, Tessol, Champion of the Skies. She was rescued with her brother by The Beacons of Hope inside of a corrupted temple in Skegring Sands and her physical body was found inside of the Ledrith Teithio by the other Ancient Dragons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kyviria was the second youngest member of the Ancient Dragons, tied in with her twin brother, Tessol. She was a playful creature, often getting into places that she shouldn't do. Her twin brother was much the same and the two were often seen together, causing mischief and mayhem with Nombu, Champion of the Blue. Kyviria was never really interested in any of the politics side of the world and was more interested in playing than listening.    Kyviria was travelling through the Ledrith Teithio to get to her brother when the portal hit, ripping them all out of time. Due to the magical nature of the Ledrith Teithio, she was not ripped out of time properly and only her soul was. Her body was left behind, separated inside the walkway for 1000 years. When she returned, her soul was joined with Tessol's soul in the ethereal plane.   Kyviria was found by Harlin Wyllt inside of the ethereal plane when they were forced to battle Tessol. Between them all, they found a way to untether the two and freed them from their restraints in the temple. Her soul was put back into her body using powerful magic by the Ancient Dragons within the Ledrith Teithio.
Current Location
Date of Birth
27th of Etemili
Year of Birth
865 BTU 1867 Years old
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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