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#21 - Wild Travels Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope had their emotional goodbyes with their parallel friends and shared as much information as they can between each other before heading to Rudyard's office. He explained to the group that he cannot send them back to Banshaw Edge in their world because he fears his double is corrupted and that would be asking for trouble.    They returned to Cedar Wilds in their world and found that the people looked shook up, slightly damaged, but alive and safe. They also found Maura unconscious by the portal having tried to open the bubble back up. Something had come up behind her and knocked her out, both of her magic and her consciousness.    Entrydal explained that his brother, Ryo had arrived in town, shouting the odds and that they had to fight Rudyard right now. They had an altercation, his brother took this angrily, set up a portal and trapped them in a status spell. He told them he reckoned that Ryo has gone to see refuge with King Finch.   Entrydal and the rest of Cedar Wilds headed with the Beacons of Hope to Inham Farms to explain the full situation and that Banshaw Edge had closed itself off to the world itself with a magical barrier. Brea recieved a broken message from her father that something was happening with Feywild and that Ruthren the Reaper had told her something was going on with Peregrine Bay too.   The group took in all this information and decided to head to the Shimmering Grotto to deal with The Fey first.
Report Date
09 Dec 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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