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The Fey

The Fey is an ethnicity that is based in the Feywild that is made up of lots of different races that all embrace the chaotic nature of The Weave. They often live within large, magical settlements and the most well known settlement in Arrasgoth for the Fey is Shimmering Grotto. They are a highly sought after ethnicity for their cultural imports as they are known to make the most captivating and addictive sweets.


Major language groups and dialects

The Fey speak Sylvan predominantly though many of them dabble in multiple languages and all can pretty much speak Common. They use Sylvan as they believe it sounds more magical and ethereal than any other language, and a large majority of them are able to speak to the feywild plants who normally only speak Sylvan.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Fey are obsessed with gifts and gift giving, especially if it results in them winning favours that they can use against others. They do, however, pride themselves on creating the most addictive sweets in all of Arrasgoth and it is the most sought after food export amongst the children of the continent. It is only available by visiting the Fey and those that do visit find it very difficult to leave once it has been eaten.

Shared customary codes and values

Most that have dealt with the Fey know the main customary code is that you never accept anything they offer as it always involves a price. The Fey greatly enjoys making deals and exchanging favours, and often will trick those who are not aware of their customs into agreeing to thinks they don't understand.    The Fey also value pleasure in all ways and all things, hence their major cultural export being sweets. They always self indulge and expect those that spend a lot of time with them to also indulge. Showing restraint is against their values.   
"What a place, where the party never stops 'til you drop... Which, if you're not careful, could be the case!"

Common Etiquette rules

The common etiquette for dealing with the Fey is to show overindulgence, put on a show and never say please or thank you. Signs of gratitude are seen as making a favour available to them to call upon and they will often use that against newcomers.

Common Dress code

Within the Fey, the more elaborate and bright your clothing is, the more sway you have amongst them. They adore bright colours, outlandish fashion and anything that can make them stand out. Most of the Fey will cover themselves in paints of bright colours in glorious artistic patterns so that they stand out.

Art & Architecture

The Fey are perhaps the most artistically imaginative of all the ethnicities within Arrasgoth. They are known to create the most influential pieces of prose, poetry and song writing. Many of them focus on the creative arts over the martial arts, so they are often much more charismatic than the other ethnicities.


Beauty Ideals

The Fey adore anything that is shiny, glittery and pretty. Their idea of beauty is something that stands out as being the most awe-inspiring thing they have ever come across. They are known to be hoarders and will collect whatever they think is beautiful, regardless of who actually owns it or if it is a living, breathing person.

Gender Ideals

The Fey have no concern over the idea of gender and play with it all the time, especially with their innate magic that can help them to shapeshift at any time. Gender has no real bearing upon them and they are currently ruled over by a leader that has very little concern over his own gender.

Courtship Ideals

The Fey often don't look into courtship very much but they do enjoy the show so will make sure that everyone knows if they are engaged in one. Courtship in a serious sense is more focused on at the top of the Fey hierarchy, such as the King and Queen of the Fey, but the commoners are known to swap and change on a whim.

Relationship Ideals

The Fey do not enter relationships for long unless there is a political reason for it. They are very fickle as an ethnicity and prefer to have options always open to them. This can cause issues amongst other creatures who are focused on the longterm.
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