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#23 - A Tale of Two Kings Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope arrived to find that King Finch and his court were camped outside a bleed between the Feywild and the material plane, similar to a gate in its design. He explained that there was a usurper that had gotten into the castle and had taken over the fey itself, locking them all out of it.   King Finch explained to the group that he did not want to get involved with the war at all and planned to lock the fey off from the material plane. However, he explained that the usuper in place, a young upstart from a neighbouring, dark kingdom who supported the Queen of the Unseelie Court, had refused them entry.    Queen Venestra told the group that ideally her sons should be the ones to be in charge of the throne should King Finch decide to step down or die, but that they have all but left her. She explained that she just wanted to go home and her alliance lay with the Feywild and whatever they decided to do. She explained that one of her sons ran away, one is stuck in a wish and her youngest son is a nightmare and not leader material.   The Beacons of Hope were given permission to enter the Feywild as they were not fey and found themselves meeting a young man who had been trapped by sprites. He explained to them eventually that he is the youngest brother of the fey heirs and he is currently next in line to the throne. He introduced himself as Prince Iwan and appeared to be a somewhat mischievous sort.    He explained to the group that he hates his father because he made his brother leave and made his other brother make the wish in the first place. He explained he let the usurper into the castle because he doesn't want to be King and he doesn't want King Finch to be King either.   Prince Iwan led them to the throne room where they met King Facilion. He explained that he was happy to fight the war with the feywild at his side and cares deeply about protecting the people. He wanted to get rid of King Finch and rule the place instead.   The group came back to speak to King Finch and decided that there was nothing they could do but beat him in battle and to side with King Facilion. King Finch was destroyed by Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu in one round of combat after being juiced up with a potion from Jebediah and an alliance with King Facilion was established.
Report Date
15 Jan 2021
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