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#35 - Queen of Hearts Report

General Summary

After making a deal with King Facilion to find the traitor in the Feywild, The Beacons of Hope headed into the city of Shimmering Grotto to try and find out information to do with this situation of The Darkness.   The first interesting thing they found was a young girl, in a torn blue dress, hair slightly askew and missing a black shoe. She was sat reading a book when they approached her, demanding answers to their questions about what they had come through. She explained something was coming after her and that she needed to get away. She didn't know what it was but it seemed to be made of shadows.   As this conversation was going on, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu discovered that someone was watching them, a woman in a red cloak. He ran after her and pinned her down, discovering that she was actually a spy and that she had been forced to work for someone due to her grandmother's debt. She said she had been working for the Queen of Hearts.   After finding out that a lot of issues seemed to be coming from the old castle, the group headed into the castle and find a lot of strange things had happened there. They also decided to keep the young girl with them, Lidell. They found that some books had been taken, all seeming to do with the same thing. They also discovered that there was a lot of spells on her but decided to deal with that later.   They reached the throne room and found Queen Venestra on the throne, learning that she in fact had been causing all this problem. She explained that she had been taking hearts out of people and putting them into her animated armour. She explained that she planned to take out King Finch first and then let The Darkness take out King Facilion so that she could rule the Feywild herself.   The group decided that was not a good thing and she could not be allowed to continue doing this. They ended up in a one-on-one battle as Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu challenged her to a duel just like he had done for her husband. Queen Venestra was defeated and the group turned to Lidell, removing all of the magic that had been placed upon her. They ended up with a young girl, unconscious, and covered in ink of writings.
Report Date
21 May 2021
Primary Location


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