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#26 - Destiny Waits Report

General Summary

After being rescued from a time locked prison, The Beacons of Hope headed out on their previous path towards Peregrine Bay.   On their way they came to Avippe and found the place was filled with a poisoned walkway. There was necromancy in the water and the whole place ended up run over by undead. Hardly any of the people survived and it all stemmed from the mayor who had lost his wife and daughter in the river in an unfortunate accident. The Darkness had seen a weakness and had used it to take over the town, forcing the mayor in his grief to poison the town and write in his diary:  
"The Darkness is Coming."
  They then headed to Oakenwich and found a young boy running the tavern. They discovered that he was being protected by an Aaasimar after his father had passed away and made her promise to look after him. The child was possessed with grief after his father died and the Darkness tried to infiltrate his mind so she changed it to make it seem better for the child.   After some disagreement with the woman, they eventually left the town and found themselves coming face to face with the woman who has been messing with time, Faraine Writingham. She arrived in front of them, covered in blood and told them a little about herself before she had to disappear again, only have time for a couple of questions.   The group eventually arrived in Port Neswest and found that it was a pretty quiet town in regards to nightlife due to the tavern owner being killed and no one replacing him. They spent the night there and waited to be picked up by someone Captain Gawain was sending to help them cross the ocean.
Report Date
05 Feb 2021


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