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#05 - Purgatory Hell Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope made sure everyone was safe in the orphanage and headed out to go and visit the market district, the most famous market in the whole of Arrasgoth. They explored many of the different stalls before finding Alice once again with some concern. She told them that there was this human severed head in the middle of one of the streets.    The Beacons of Hope headed towards the area that Alice had told them about and found out some information from The Harsh Fairy. The tabaxi owner told them that the head belonged to one of the bandit groups in town and that it was probably Negan who is the leader of a new bandit group trying to gain territory.    The group are given directions to a bandit camp outside of Egomont where they find the bandit group, Purgatory. The bandit camp are not necessarily warm to the group at first but eventually they are granted an audience with the leader of the group, Ruthren the Reaper  Ruthren explained to the group that there is a bandit group of half-orcs hitting the poor folk and Purgatory had been trying to be market guards for the city until this group came in. She also explained that some of her team had been hit with a deadly disease known as Medusa's Rash - a slow growing petrification that turns the person to stone and is 100% fatal.   The group offer to go and deal with the half-orc bandits, finding a dead Purgatory mercenary on the way with Negan carved into his chest. After quickly dealing with the entire group by killing them, they searched the area, found a lot of gold that had been stolen from the market and return it to Purgatory.   Purgatory was grateful to the group and explained that they are rough around the edges but not all bad. They also ask for help with the rash but there is nothing that can be done immediately. Jebediah also contracts the rash and offers to find a cure for it.
Report Date
05 Aug 2020
Primary Location


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