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#40 - Broken Parts of a Whole Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope headed towards Jungle Hollow with the help of two of The Ancient Dragons, Tessol, Champion of the ______ and Kyviria, Champion of the _____. They dropped them off as close as they could manage to the jungle, at a place called Port Simcreek.   The group quickly discovered that the halflings that lived there were very excited not only to see actual live dragons, but also were made to be convinced that Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu was also an Ancient Dragon too. They gave them all gifts and told them that there are creatures in the jungle that might eat them so they didn't venture up that far.   After escaping the obsession of the halflings, the group continued upwards towards the centre of Jungle Hollow to discover what was going on. They discovered that it was beru hot there and that inside of a bag hidden in a tree was a letter, 'Two Parts Of A Whole', never delivered to the hand that was supposed to receive it and further painting light on Faelynn.   Venturing further, they approached a camp and saw a group of eladrin elves who seemed to be placing baskets into the bubbling spring water, boiling hot and perfect for a place to breed dragons. The group had snuck in using invisibility and decided what would be their best move. They also spotted an elf that was Faelynn and a very injured, mostly dead green dragonborn.   The group split up, attempting to fight the eladrin elves and managing to kill a few of them before some of them and Faelynn teleported away. They rescued the dragonborn, learning that it was Breodus, the Kind, and that his partner, Umorian, the Gifted , was the one that was trapped in the body of the hag. He seemed mostly concerned about the eggs, asking if his children were okay and explained that they had managed to have one dragon child before everything went wrong. Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu explained that he knew where their child was and she resided with his tribe.   He told them he felt terrible about what happened but that he had thought it was best to keep it safe. He stated that if they could find a way to fix both mirrors at the same time, this might be better. He told them he thought she was safe because she wasn't with The Followers of the Veil but clearly no elf can be trusted.
Report Date
12 Sep 2021
Primary Location


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