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#43 - The Show Must Go On Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope searched the rest of Banshaw Edge to find out anything else about the place. They discovered an arcane focus that belonged to Amara Roswall in the office of Rudyard that had been apparently ripped off. It seemed to have been placed there before the explosion of the large pyramid arcane focus. This meant that someone else had been in the room with Rudyard when he was writing his last letter of clarity.    They made the decision to draw Rudyard out so that the children could sneak in and find out more information about the constructs and the magic users. They decided to send a message to Rudyard to get him to meet them at the Hanging Tree in the centre of Banshaw Edge. They let Harlin Wyllt send the message and within the next hour, Rudyard appeared with two constructs, around 20ft tall. They learnt that the constructs could move fast when needed but seemed to mostly just watch at this point. They also discovered that the constructs were powered with the magic from the dead citizens of Banshaw Edge.   Rudyard seemed to be even worse than when they last met him and despite trying to convince the Beacons he was doing a good thing, seemed to be also having a two way conversation with himself. The Beacons realised that perhaps there was still some of Rudyard inside and decided that if they could make something to get his mind clear, then maybe they could save Rudyard from whatever had hold of him. After the conversations, Rudyard gave them five days before the war would start and disappeared again with his constructs.
Report Date
03 Feb 2022
Primary Location


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