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#43 - The Show Must Go On

The Beacons of Hope plot their next move to lure Rudyard to Banshaw Edge to provide a distraction for their children to scope out the army.

Plot points/Scenes

The group will discuss their plans on how they are going to draw him in. They can explore various areas of Banshaw Edge to find out what happened. Nothing more in Rudyard's office than what's been found except a necklace that Ellris will recognise as Amara's and that she never took it off. Could be a sign she has her mind in place or could be something else entirely.   Artificers went through a secret hatch in their guild, basically an escape tunnel that goes out to sea and then from there goes wherever so they could be across the continent at this point.    Showdown with Rudyard. He may be mad but he's very intelligent. Won't attack them, not even in his own hometown. Will be a showdown of words etc, distraction. He brings with him one of the automatons who are at least 20ft tall. More as backup than anything. He seems, wild, mad, but you see there's a flickering to the tree every so often, like someone trying to clear their mind. There's something inside him that's still conscious and Rudyard but it's barely holding on from the looks of it.
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